Project Management

Engineering projects today commonly face the constant challenge of meeting deadlines. Meeting KPI’s whilst ensuring quality is not compromised is dependant on the skill levels of the project manager. LE employs a uniquely successful project management structure that involves all three managers, George, Brian and Adam. The key to LE’s project management success is a combination of a multi skilled cohesive management team inter woven with a documented tracking system that is the backbone of every successful project completed since the company was established. Lamb Engineering's high calibre project management team will ensure you achieve your targets.


This multi skilled work force serves to give Lamb Engineering the ability to complete quality, complex projects within tight schedules whilst maintaining workplace OHS compliance.LE employs an integrated Health Safety & Environment Management Plan compliant with AS 4801 and ISO 14001.

What gives us this edge is our all round capacity that ranges from a fully equipped manufacturing & workshop facility, our own heavy transport vehicle, tracked mobile crane and an elevating work basket. Lamb Engineering key personnel are all trained & certified in the various engineering field trades as well as also being trained as operators of its Plant machinery. This multi skilled work force serves to give Lamb Engineering the ability to turn over complex projects in the earliest possible time whilst maintaining workplace OHS compliance. The diverse and multi skilled LE team provides clients the benefit of “Turn Key” type services, eliminating delays in hand over from one service provider to the next and the benefit of project management continuity from inception to commissioning.


Overall the Lamb Engineering project management strategies provide across the board high quality results with minimum losses. This high calibre but straight forward approach to its business gives LE a most sought after advantage over its competitors.